Help line Number : +91-94140 52162 (24 x 7 Support) Doing only Wholesale Handmade Paper and Decorative Papers business from India and supplying our products to Small Shops, Retail Stores, Gift Shops, Departmental Stores, Stationery Shops, Wedding Industry, Wedding Stationery and Import companies Worldwide. Currently Exporting our papers to Australia, New Zealand, USA , UK and many other Countries.

Browse our paper collection of Handmade Papers and Decorative Papers. Our Papers are suitable for Invitation Papers, Scrapbook and many more. Our Range includes Embossed Paper, Flock Paper, Printed Paper, Embroidery Paper, Sheer Paper, Chiffon paper, DIY invitations, Handmade paper invitations and many more. Manufacturer Indian Handmade Papers & Decorative Papers and Exporter of Indian Handmade Paper and Decorative Papers.

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